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Chiron's painful journey through your chart.

In mythology, Chiron was the god of healing, the best of the centaurs and immortal. However, once he was struck by Hercules with a poison arrow Chiron he was never able to heal. Chiron himself had taught Hercules to make the arrow. Talk about psychological pain, teaching someone you care about how to hurt you (oy!). Chiron wasn't the type to give up though, he learned how to deal/mask the pain. Chiron healed and taught others how to heal with pain.

So, what does any of this ancient mythology have to do with us in the 21st? Same as Mercury, the stories are based on some form of truth or understanding, not necessarily from the stars but the best way for us to connect and understand. Astrologically, Chiron is an asteroid located with 3 others between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologically it is part of the emotionally important crew including Ceres and Juno. As with most things, when it comes to the deep dive of emotional healing humans tend to push it off and not contemplate the power that lies within. When Chiron hits your natal placement though, it strikes against those nerves. And when it goes retrograde (Rx) it hits those nerves with a mighty swing.

Chiron does the deep work, its the place where we have to look back to look forward. What happened to our parents and tribe before us that effects us now? What did we bring forward into this life from a past life? Its not about believing that you've been here before, its about realizing we're all connected over time and space. (i.e. I wouldn't be creating this document if someone hadn't taught me, if their life hadn't led them to want to share knowledge.) So what is pulling at your heart right now? What are you looking to heal and release? By checking your natal chart and seeing where Chiron sits will help you to determine what it is you need to work on. Most of us 70s kids are Chiron in Aries warriors. We're the generation that came to fix it and make it better based on healing the pain of the past (Vietnam, both world wars). Our rise was filled with a magical "hey everything is going to be ok" to a rock solid "oh, crap. Its all falling apart." The falling apart though is the good thing, its what makes us capable of immense healing. We are looking at the broken foundation and instead of covering it with a rug (generations before us) or freaking out because we don't know what to do (generation after us) we fix it. We break it all the way down, find the cause and fix it. Its not fun but its what we signed up for.

With Chiron in retrograde until April of 2020, we'll be feeling the effects for awhile. Some symptoms are exhaustion, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, solitude, easily triggered, miscommunication. Ways to counteract these symptoms are, being in or near water, sea salt shower or bath, eat good food, avoid alcohol, exercise, meditate, spiritual coaching, self care, reading. Its a rough ride, but we've made it past all the other rough days and we'll make it through these. This is the healing after the surgery cutting out of the abscesses that are hurting us. So take care of you, and we'll get through.

I promise~ signed a warrior with Chiron in Aries Rx ;)

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