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Mercury Retrograde: Science, magic, and life in the 21st

I'm not really sure why people aren't getting the picture here. Sooo, I'm going to try and break it down this way.

Mercury Retrograde: Because of the way everything in the cosmos rotates and spins and moves, at certain points it appears that certain celestial bodies move backwards. They do not actually move backwards but the way we move around it makes it seem that way. Think about being on a tilt-a-whirl, you never actually move backwards, but when you round the sides it appears the other things that are stationary move backwards (i.e. trees, other people, rides).

Now, take that and think of this. That movement, the appearance of that movement changes your perception, it changes the way you percieve things (get it ;) ) so that is what happens for us. Now, I'm not saying you have to believe in astrology, and can certainly hold whatever opinion what you want, idc, that's not the point. The point is to clear up some understandings about what happens in the cosmos and how that effects us (the global us). Lets leave out signs and individual beliefes in astrology and look at just the science.

The moon moves the tides (technically its the moons gravity in proportion to the earth), the tilt of the earth, and the orbit of the earth around the sun effects the climate. Those events also effect all plant and animal life on the planet. During certain phases animals will get more territorial, coral releases sex cells, dogs and cats get more wild/mischevious. It happens, its science.

Now let's look at the Mercury retrograde. Yes, Mercury has always appeared to go backwards several times a year since the big bang. Yes, our ancestors lived life without knowing this happened and didn't panic. However! Our ancestors also thought movies and pictures could steal your soul. Our ancestors used cocaine and bloodletting to cure disease. So bring it down a level when talking about the fact that this has been going on since the dawn of time, because a lot has changed. Mercury (astrologically) is the planet that rules communication, and information. It rules Gemini, and gives it the fast talking truth seeking aspects. It also highlights the darkness and the light, the way it moves around the sun and the reason our ancestors thought it was two different planets (see they thought differently). What does any of this mean for us in the 21st?? Well, a lot actually. Think about it, right now you are looking at this, probably with some other form of communication or entertainment playing in the background. We're inundated with information, all day everyday. In a way that has never been experienced before, we are connected to the rest of the world, regardless of language. We are connected in a way that effects us deeply, even though we don't process it that way all the time.

Yesterday, Facebook and its affiliate companies had some glitches (thanks Mercury) and people didn't know what to do. It was like we forgot how to function without it. And there is the first part. We are so intrinsically tied to one another now that communication is no longer secondary in how we operate, its primary. We used to go out and farm or hunt or work as individuals (yes in groups but not standing around talking, sending messages, and facetiming). In mines, or fields or offices we chatted briefly or coordinated but not to the extent that we do now. That is one of the reasons that Mercury's effects are felt so much deeper now. The planet of communication is the front runner and when it goes backwards (percetpively) it takes our communication with it.

The "how" of that is where the magic comes in. Magic is really just harnessing the energy of the universe and using it to your advantage. Humans are tied into the rhythm of the universe so when something is off we "feel" it. Those feelings turn into actions. We rush or feel rushed, we act hastily and sometimes those actions can lead to anxiety and anger. Those hightened feelings seep into the consciousness. This is the "how" the effects of Mercury retrograde happen. It may not be you that feels the effects directly, but those around you may. There it is. The miscommunication, the angst, the fear, is transfered from the consciousness to the reality.

To counteract this phenomenon do the opposite of what Mercury retrograde is setting into motion. Anxiety-meditate, self soothe, communication- go slow, repeat yourself, feeling off- do all the things that help you "reset". And remember, most importantly...this too shall pass (maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass) .

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